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Gold Nuggets For Entrepreneurs: Lessons That Change Your Life

Gold Nuggets For Entrepreneurs contains skills and knowledge that is not only precious but necessary for her/him to navigate in the treacherous waters of competition in the marketplace. Chapters contain: What God Says About Money, Decisions and Sacrifices, 10 Tips for Successful Leadership, The Business of Start-Ups, High Performance, Financial Management, Black Businesses, Podcast as Business Strategies, Know Your Why, Crisis Management, Longevity in Business and Successful Sales Strategies. An Educational and Humanitarian project in the form of a book, written by an International Panel of Authors made up of the world's top leaders, writers, professionals and business mentors, to help share their life experience in business and entrepreneruship to entreprenueurs, students, adults and professionals looking to pivot into enrepreneusrhip. This is developed in the light of the fast changing world, as humanity enters into a post-pandemic world that is much more volatile and unpredictable than ever. Writers Include, Award Winning Lecturer, Fortune 500 Companies Trainer, Amazon Best Selling Authors, Top Doctor, Top Veterans, High Performance Mentor, Business CEO, Non-Profit Organization Founder and Leader, International Podcasters and Christian Reverend.This Book exists in International Edition and Asia Pacific Edition.

Gold Nuggets For Entrepreneurs: Lessons That Change Your Life

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